How to be a better English learner

Here are some observations on how to be a great language student, gleaned over 26 years teaching in Japan. Some of this will transfer to your other academic studies.
  • Be punctual! Obvious isn’t it! Some students are always 10 minutes late…..that’s 40 minutes a month, almost a whole lesson!
  • Do Homework! Obviously right? More review is essential to learning. Some students rarely do homework….. they are not our best students!
  • Speak aloud whilst writing! Yes, you will look silly, but extra speaking is essential. The teacher can also help with any pronunciation problems.
  • Don’t let Mom or Dad help with writing! If your parents want to study English, please have them email us for trial lessons! Moms and Dads, please help with vocabulary and mini tests, but not writing. 
  • Don’t be afraid of mistakes! If you make a written mistake,  teachers will circle it with a pen and you can try again. Fixing the mistake is how you learn. If you read a word incorrectly, teachers will give the correct pronunciation. Don’t sit waiting for a long time to write a word!
  • Try to chat to teacher! Sometimes students ask me, “How are you David?” “Where are you from?” I love this!
  • Don’t cheat! Sometimes cheating is ok. For example, when I take an extra cookie…. but when learning English, it’s not a good idea. Peeking at the answer is not recommended. You are stopping your learning opportunity.
  • Study twice a week! Our students who study on different days are the best. They really improve in confidence and ability.
Thank you!


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