English File 1: Short Movies: Review & Check 5 & 6

English File 1:   Short Movies; Review & Check #5 & 6:   Williamsburg, New York


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Williamsburg, New York


New York is the number one city to visit/see in the United States.


When we think of New York, we think of/about places like the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square.


In fact, many visitors to New York spend/use all their time in Manhattan. 


But New York is actually/really five different boroughs, and Manhattan is just one of them.


The different/other boroughs are Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and Brooklyn.


Welcome to Williamsburg, my neighborhood/town in New York.


It is not on Manhattan Island but it now is across/over the East River in Brooklyn.


Williamsburg is a great/terrible place to live.


It is home to many different communities from all over/around the world.


It is a very fashionable/cool part of New York.


A lot of artists and musicians now live in the neighborhood. And because it is so fashionable and people like/hate living here, houses and apartments are now very cheap/expensive.


The main street in Williamsburg is Bedford Avenue. On Bedford Avenue there is/are lots of fashionable shops and restaurants. 


Williamsburg is now also very popular/busy with tourists. And many of these visitors come to Bedford Avenue to visit the shops, restaurants and street stores.


You can see others interesting/boring things on Bedford Avenue. These street artists are painting a mural/picture on the wall.


But the number one store to see/visit in Williamsburg is not on Bedford Avenue.


Beacons’ Closet is a store, full of second/third hand clothes.


People bring in their old clothes for the store to buy/sell.


Young people buy these ‘vintage’/‘smelly’ clothes because they are very fashionable.


Williamsburg is now so popular that new buildings are going up/going down all the time.

This/That building is going to be a new hotel, and these/those are new apartments.



But there is a problem, apartments in Williamsburg are now so/really expensive that many of my neighbors are moving back across the East/West River to Manhattan.

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