English File 1: Short Movies: Review & Check: 1 & 2

English File 1:   Short Movies; Review & Check #1 & 2:   Hollywood, Los Angeles


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Hollywood, Los Angeles 



California is a state on the west/east coast of the United States.

It is a very big town/state

From Mexico/Texas in the south up to Oregon/Nevada in the north.


There are three big cities in California, San Francisco in the south/north, San Diego in the south/north and between these two, Los Angeles or L.A.


Los Angeles is a very busy/quiet city, nearly four million/thousand people live there. There are lots of different districts in the city. Places like Santa Monica on the beach/coast and Pasadena in the west/east.


Some of these districts are very poor/rich. This is Beverly Hills, it is a famous/poor area in the north of the city.


This street is Rodeo Drive, it has a lot of expensive/cheap shops. L.A, especially the Hollywood area is the home of the movies, one of the reasons for this, is the good weather/food.


You need good weather to make/watch movies.


Hollywood is also the home of the movie theaters/studios. This is the headquarters of Sony/MGM Pictures.


Sony make the Superman/Spiderman and the Men In Black movies. They do not make many movies in Hollywood today because it is too expensive/cheap.


In fact, they make movies in Canada, in England, in Eastern Europe and sometimes in Australia and New Zealand. But the movie industry employs lots of children/people in Los Angeles.


About 250,000/25,000 in total. Many actors, writers and directors live in the city. And the studios also employ a lot of agents and doctors/lawyers too.



Hollywood does not make many/any movies anymore, but it makes a lot of television/radio programs.


In fact, programs like CSI and Glee which are set in Las Vegas and Ohio are actually made in Japan/Hollywood.

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