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I Love London


Hi, I’m Helen, I’m from Newcastle in the north/south of England. Now/Today, I live in London.


I study/work here at UCL in Bloomsbury.


I love Bloomsbury. It has a lot of great places/cafes to eat and drink.


My favorite coffee shop is Zee Cafe in Tottenham Court Street/Road. It’s a very friendly coffee shop.


The atmosphere is really relaxing. I think it has the best/worst coffee in London.


There is/are a lot of great restaurants in Bloomsbury too.


This is Planet Organic.

 It’s my favorite place to eat, and it has/have a supermarket.


But, I don’t always have the money/dollars to go here.


So, I often come to the Food Market in Goodge Place for snacks/lunch.

I can get a great meal for about five/fifteen pounds.


That’s really cheap/expensive for London. 

The food is yummy/delicious too.

You can eat food from all over the country/world.


Bloomsbury is also famous for the British Museum. I sometimes/always come here in my free time.


There are/is often great exhibitions.


At the moment, you can see/watch Anglo Saxons and ancient Egyptian mummies.


A lot of famous writers lived/live in Bloomsbury. It was the home of Virginia Woolf and Charles Dickens.


My favorite shop is the Oxfam Bookshop. You can buy/rent a lot of books here. They’re all very cheap/expensive.


Bloomsbury is also near/next to Covent Garden, where there are a lot of great/good shops. 


In this one small area, I am just hours/minutes away from a lot of interesting/boring places.


Now, it’s time for another tea/coffee. See you later!

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