English File Starter: Short Films: Files 5 & 6


 English File Starter.  Short Films.   Files 5 & 6 


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A day in the Life of a Tour Guide


Hi, I’m Louisa, I’m in/on New York.

I’m from England but I’m here to learn about the life/day of a tour guide.


Peter Greenwald is a New York tour guide.   He lives/live in a small apartment in Brooklyn.


He usually get/gets up at 8 o’clock.   Peter has/have a big breakfast.   He usually have/has fruit and cereal and sometimes he has/have an omelette.


He leave/leaves the house at 9 o’clock.


Peter works/work for a company called, Real New York Tour.


His tours always begin in Times Triangle/Square. Every morning he goes/go there by Subway.


Peter usually arrive/arrives at about 9:45. He meets/meet his group and tell/tells them about the tour. At 10 o’clock the tour begins/begin.


Peter take/takes them to places of interest all around Manhattan.


They have/has lunch in Greenwich Village. Peter usually has/have a real New York pizza.


The tour end/ends in Wall Street.


After work, Peter take/takes the Subway back to Brooklyn.


Then he relax/relaxes. He usually reads/read a book. Sometimes he watches/watch tv.


He goes to bed at about 11/12 o’clock.


He needs/need to sleep. Everyday he walks/walk about 6 miles.


Peter is an excellent tour guide. He loves/hates his job and he loves New York.

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