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English File Starter.  Short Films.   Files 3 & 4


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National Motor Museum, Beaulieu


Hi, I’m Louise and tomorrow/today I’m in Beaulieu.


Beaulieu is a small/big village. It’s in England but Beaulieu is a French/Japanese word.


In English we say, Beaulieu, but in French it’s Beau Lieu, beautiful/nice place.


And it really is beautiful. Beaulieu is in the New/Old Forest. It’s famous for its’ big house, old church/shop and fantastic motor museum.


The National Motor Museum in Beaulieu is 62/52 years old. It’s a very interesting/boring place with lots and lots of cars. Let’s go and watch/see.


These/Those are some of the cars. These are old/new, vintage cars. These are fast, modern/new cars.


This is my favorite car. It’s British/English and its’ name is Bluebird/Blue cat. It’s 55 years old and it’s very, very fast.


These cars are from lots of different countries/cities.

This is a Mercedes 60 HP. It’s a German/French car. It’s a 110 years old and it’s black and gold/silver.


This is a Ferrari Dino. It’s American/Italian, it’s 40/14 years old. It’s red and it’s great.


This is a Ford Anglia. Ford is an American/English company, but the Anglia is a British car.


This blue Ford Anglia is very famous/old. It’s the Weasleys’ car in the Harry Potter films/movies.


But the National Motor Museum isn’t just famous for cars. It’s also famous for motorbikes/unicycles.


This is an Italian/American Harley Davidson.


This is an/a Italian Ducati.


And this, is a German/French BMW.


The National Motor Museum is fantastic, and Beaulieu is a beautiful village/town, come and see.

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