English File Starter: Short Films: Files 1 & 2

English File Starter.  Short Films.   Files 1 & 2:  Meet the Students:


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Hello! I’m Alison   /  Alissia.    Today, I’m in Boston  /  Brighton.


Brighton is in the south / north of England.    It's on the  beach / coast


It's a  fantastic / fabulous town and it’s famous for / of the Royal Pavilion, the Pier and the beach.


But, I’m not on vacation / holiday.   I’m here to visit / see an English Language School.


This is the school. It’s a big school, with about 350 / 450 students.


Rika and Wu are / aren’t students at the school.


Wu is 23 years old, he’s from Korea. He’s a good / beginner student. His class is small, with only / about five students.


His teacher is Simon / Steven, he’s English. He’s very friendly / ugly and he’s a very good / bad teacher.


Rika is nineteen years old and she’s from Italy / Germany. She’s an intermediate student and her class is big, with 11 / 12 students.


Her teacher is Laura, she’s English, she’s really noisy / nice and she’s a very good / bad teacher too.


When Rika and Wu aren’t in the class, they are in the computer room / living room. Or here in the cafe / canteen, in the evening they are at house / home.


Rinka and Wu live in a student house, it’s near / next to the school.


It’s a big house with five bedrooms, a kitchen and a yard / garden.



Brighton is great / terrible for students like Rika and Hyong Wu. The people are friendly / not friendly and the town is exciting / boring and fun / sad.

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