English File Starter: Short Films: Files 11 & 12

English File Starter.  Short Films.   Files 11 & 12:  Erasmus


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Hi, I’m Patrick, and I’m a doctor/student.


I’m from Canterbury in the USA/UK. At the moment I’m studying/working at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, in Holland.


The University opened in 1913/1930, and today it has over 20,000/2000 students. 


I’m studying here for one year/day. The study program is called the Erasmus program. The Erasmus University and the Erasmus Program.


So who/what was Erasmus?


Deserderius Erasmus Roterodamus was born here in/on Rotterdam in 1466/1465.


When he was nine he went to school. He studied religion/art and languages, like Latin and Greek.


His teachers were/was excellent Deserderius Erasmus was/is very clever/smart and learned quickly.


When he is/was 25 he became a Catholic priest. But he didn’t/don’t work as a priest for very long, instead he continued studying.


He go/went to universities all over Europe, including Paris, Turin and Cambridge.


He studied/study languages and made/make new translations of the Bible in Latin and Greek. He also wrote/write a lot of books. 


Erasmus believed in peace/war and understanding and his ideas became popular all over Europe.


He die/died in Basle, Switzerland in 1536/1534.


Today, there is/are places all over the world with Erasmus’ name. For example, there’s/there are the Erasmus Bridge and there’s the Erasmus Medical Center.


Erasmus is a bad/good name for the program, because Erasmus work/worked and studied/study all over Europe. 


And he believed that people work well when they work alone/together.

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