English File Starter: Short Films: Files 9 & 10

English File Starter.  Short Films.   Files 9 & 10:  An Interesting Hotel


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Hi, I’m Greg, Welcome to Oxford/Cambridge.


I’m visiting the Old/New Bank Hotel.


It’s an unusual hotel in the center/south of the city.


The Old Bank in in the High/Main Street in the center of Oxford.

Today, it’s a luxury/beautiful hotel, but these/this buildings, from number 92 to number 94 have a very interesting history/story.


In the 16th Century they/it were part of Christ Church College.

In the 18th Century, they were/are different shops. And we know that in 1808/1809 the buildings were one business, a Bank.


There was a bank here for almost 200/2000 years, but today it’s a famous Oxford hotel. Would you like to go in and look/see? Let’s go!


The Old Bank Hotel has a beautiful reception and a fantastic/great restaurant. There are 42 bedrooms and they’re all very comfortable/uncomfortable. They have great views of Oxfords’ famous/big Colleges.


This room has a small/large bed, two chairs, a table, a television and a closet/cupboard. It has a beautiful marble/wooden bathroom too.


But there is/are other rooms that visitors/guests to the hotel don’t usually see. These secret rooms are here in the basement/cellar, under the hotel.


These is/are the old bank vaults. When the hotel was/is a bank, all the money/gold was here. The rooms were small and the doors weren’t easy/difficult to open.


They were very, very weak/strong. And on each one, there was a large lock. Today, these/this old vaults are storerooms.

The hotel keeps its’ wine/stamp collection in here, so it’s very, very cold/safe.


92 to 94 High Street is a part of Oxfords’ history. And today, if you want to see/visit Oxford, the Old Bank is a great/fantastic place to see.


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