Dave and Amy English Schoolのどのようなところが好きですか?

The English is the students' own English, with no corrections.



★ I've studied at D&A school for 8 years, since 4th grade.  



We use ordinary textbooks at our school to train grammer and listening, but the best part at our school is that we get to talk freely about anything as long as we talk in English. 

We can learn live English by talking with lots of other students (including returnees) and of course English-native teachers, and that helped me a lot when I took the Eiken grade 1 test(2669/3400), in 10th grade.

I go to a private school (Kaijo) in Tokyo, and it's about an hour train ride from Urawa.    I will study at Kyoto University from April, 2021.
私は浦和から電車で1時間程の、都内の私立校 (海城)に通っています。



How long: Almost 4 years since the 4th grade.
School: 1st grade, Saitama University Faculty of Education Attached Junior High School
Eiken score: Pre-1  準一級 (TOEIC875)
A few words about D&A:
All the teachers are very interesting and it is fun to learn with them! I like D&A lessons because It is students who build classes, not the teachers.



★  SA just graduated Urawa Lutheran School.   In April she’s going up to M University in Tokyo and majors in Psychology.

SA started attending your Minami Urawa class in May of 2019 when she was in the second grade in high school. After receiving her first GTEC/Feb 12 and 19 results, we started looking for an English school to improve her test scores which is important to certify one’s English ability to college later on.
By looking at Feb and Dec of 2019, it is obvious she made a great progress in speaking and reading after 7 months of studying with you. Then her third test result in Jul., 2020 was a game changer as she reached B1 in the CEFR.  It gave her a great advantage in gaining school principal’s recommendation for college. 
We strongly believe your school was the best choice for her and are very thankful for you all. Also greatly valued that SA could achieve her goal by having fun communicating with younger classmates, relaxed being with them and the teachers, and attending the class just once a week. During her high school days, she didn’t go to any juku or prep schools where in most cases students spend lots of time in a tense, boot camp-like atmosphere. 
Of course she keeps learning English at college and will definitely contact you if it’s hard to keep up.
Thank you so very much for having fun and safe lessons (COVID) for students.




★  僕は、小学3年生からD&Aに通っています。入った時はまともに英語も話せず、何を先生が言っているのかもわからずとても大変でした。




★  子供が楽しめるゲームやパズルを取り入れながら60分間飽きずにレッスンができること


★ 先生が個人のレベルをよくチェックしクラスの調整をしてもらえることがお勧め


★ アットホームなスクールで、3ヶ月ごと先生が変わっても子供達が緊張しないでレッスンがうけられること



★ ネイティブの先生のレッスン


★ 振り替えができること


★ ネイティブの子供たちが国語として英語を学ぶのと同じ方法で学べることが何よりの魅力です。特にフォニックスを用いて読み書きするので、知らない単語でも発音からおおよその書き取りができるのには驚くとともに、自分自身もこのような方法で英語を学びたかったと思います。


★ 前に行っていた教室では、レッスン時間は2時間と長いけれ、半分の時間がゲームやダンスで授業料も時間が長い分割高でした。Dave and Amyでは60分という子供の集中力が持続する時間でテンポよくレッスンが進んでいくのが良いと思います。


★ 振り替えレッスンがいつでも、期限なしで行えるというのがなかなか他にはない良い点です