Dave, Amy, Alfie, Leon

Dave and Amy came to Saitama, Japan in 1996.   Dave from England.   Amy from America.   Amy had just graduated from Brown University.   She'd studied Japanese history and wanted to live in Japan to further her studies.     Dave wanted an adventure.   They met in Japan on Dave's first day of work in Omiya.   They both thought they'd live in Japan 1 year before returning home.     Now, Japan is home.


They married in 2000 and had Alfie (2004) and Leon (2007) in Saitama.   Alfie was born in a birthing pool at Samba House in Omiya.   Leon was born in the bath in their North Pier apartment.     Both were 2 weeks late and BIG babies (4300 grams).      


Both kids went to the local schools (Sei Francois Kindergarten / Motobuto Elementary / Kita Urawa Elementary and Motobuto Junior High School).    At home, it's only English.  But thanks to the local schools, both kids speak, read and write fluent English.    


Amy likes yoga and reading.    Dave likes soccer and reading.   Leon likes music.   He can play the piano and guitar and enjoys composing.   Alfie likes soccer.   He hopes to be a professional soccer player.     


They opened Dave and Amy English School in Kita Yono in 2004 with 20 students.   They now have schools in Minami Urawa, Urawa and Kita Urawa with over 500 students.


Wanting to provide the best lessons (and finding existing texts / flashcards / games lacking), they made original texts (My English Book and Me: Kindergarten 1 and 2 // Elementary 1 to 4) and games / flashcards to accompany each text.